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Page 3 - Containers

There are all sorts of containers. This vase can be used for real or artificial flowers.

A gourd vase can also be used as candle holders for battery operated candles. The glow adds to the beauty of the vase and to the moment.

Or maybe you just want a bowl to fill with your favorite treat.

Containers come in all shapes and sizes, some are just for your amusement.

Need something to hold your pencils, pens, a flower or just stuff?

Holidays can be made very special with the addition of a gourd bowl.

Or you can connect to your wild  side and then go for a swim in a gourd bowl.

Container, dish or art?

Need a container for fruit, bread or rolls?

Then there are the just for the sake of being fun and crazy.

How about an oil lamp, difuser or single flower vase.

oil diffuser

Maybe a purse?

Some containers are made to serve as compartments for your favorite items.

Other containers 
serve as a great decorative item for your table at any time of year.

Life a little puzzling? Try a puzzle box.

The box above is a mystery box - basically how to open and where.

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