Creative Visual Workshop
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Creative Visual Workshop's Home Page
Our Mission is to provide an opportunity for individuals to express their creativity by use of various medias. It is also our mission to provide an environment which will allow individuals to discover their talents and realize their visions. We believe that each of us have an inner connection to a higher source of understanding and knowledge, which allows us to realize our potential through divine love. To that end, we exercise compassion, patience, and the sharing of knowledge, through the extension of hands on creativity.


Our site provides you with a small sample of creative visual projects. Our classes provide an atmosphere of learning along side of examples of artistic transformations. Our classes are also meant to provide a platform for individual to gain and/or expand their own self confidence, by taking ordinary items and using them for an alternative purpose. Individuals will find that they are capable of opening up new knowledge bases, by applying what they already know to achieve different outcomes. In addition, we try to preserve old techniques that can be enhanced by new technologies, hence our name: Creative Visual Workshop. 


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